SETEX – service and support starting at day 1

Technical support and guidance in textile dyeing and finishing

SETEX service is offered to manufacturers starting from first contact. Trained and competent service and sales representatives have answers to issues before they occur – and provide quick support when needed. SETEX products are maintained frequently and receive software updates periodically. Textile manufacturers around the world can therefore rely on the SETEX as an expert partner in textile production.

SETEX service fast help

SETEX is at your service around the clock, quickly and efficiently. Trained professionals restore your textile production, assets and processes to full working order as fast as possible. A 24/7 support program through the SETEX Service Hotline is available for all contract-customers around the world. At any time. If needed further arrangements like short-term delivery or local repair work can be arranged. Please have the following information ready when contacting the SETEX service:

  • Product type
  • Serial number
  • Version number of installed software
  • Error code (e.g. Alarm 301)

SETEX Internet Service Portal

The SETEX website offers more than just information about the products. The SETEX Internet Service Portal and Download Center provides in a secured member’s area hands-on advice and support to all SETEX products. A personalized log-in guarantees fast and easy access to the support platform.

SETEX service worldwide

Some issues in textile production can’t be handled via the computer or phone. Therefore SETEX offers a large network of customer service representatives worldwide that bring the SETEX expertise to manufacturer’s doorsteps.

SETEX provides expert service and support to all customers – worldwide.