Weighing System SETEX.OptiWeigh

For a controlled weighing workflow: Integrated, precise, reproducible and documented

The SETEX.OptiWeigh solution includes a stand-alone job ticket and weighing module software, a SECOM WT2010 controller with weighing terminal hardware, including two scales and auxiliary equipment.

Free standing compact housing

Free standing ergonomic housing for weighing equipment and efficiency items. The entire interior work of the system is designed to provide flexible choice of components in a color kitchen production environment.


SECOM technology with touch control

The SETEX applications run with robust, silent and fast industrial flash storage media in a fanless controller.

Synchronized information flow for the entire OptiWeigh system is provided through accessible connection of scales, printer and barcode reader via USB and serial interfaces.

Industrial strength

WT2010 is designed for industrial applications with type-IP64 protection. To ensure touch control on the 15" display on a permanent basis the WT2010 provides exchangeable protective foils.


A standard and economical line of scales is ­supported (typically two scales with 3 kg and 32 kg). For both scale’s supplier (Mettler and A&D) the protocol is integrated.

SETEX.BatchTool software

The software contains an easy-to-use recipe editor that manages all production relevant products and quantities to build the production recipe. The root data management supplies chemical and dyestuff administration with comfortable product exchange functions. The workflow roundup is completed by the stock management option.

7 reasons pro SETEX.OptiWeigh

  • Avoid human errors
  • Production-geared routines with tolerance ranges as a function of quantity
  • Repeatability through correlating product quantities with the job ticket software
  • Easy traceability with selectable reports
  • Reduce expensive re-dyeing
  • Product consumption feedback to stock control software module
  • Best used with SETEX OrgaTEX.MES software