Often underestimated: The weighing system

Whether gray, pastel or brightly colored, fabrics emerging from the machines in exactly the desired shade is the result of exact recipes and perfectly planned processes. When it comes to chemical textile dyeing, you need precise quantities of the right chemicals and dyestuffs.

Both the color quality and the overall equipment effectiveness benefit equally from a weighing system that can be easily integrated into the work process.

OptiWeigh: A complete system

A SETEX OptiWeigh weighing system comes as a complete unit with selected scales and can be put into operation immediately. We take care of the connections, protocols and configuration and test the system in advance. Professional installation and training by the SETEX Service Team guarantees that your employees are able to work with the system quickly and error-free right from the start.

Best usability

Proven a hundred times over in everyday use

The continuous data transfer between the OrgaTEX and OptiWeigh systems means that recipes no longer need to be printed out. Application-optimized components, such as the WT2010plus scale cockpit with a resistive touch screen and simple graphical user interface, were designed for the dye kitchen environment and working with gloves.

Selecting a production batch initiates the weighing process for the next product. The smallest quantity to be weighed, its tolerance, and the appropriate scale are configured automatically. Operators appreciate the progress bar and the clearly shown tolerance range during the weighing process.

Practical and precise

Unplanned downtimes cost money. In cases of an urgent addition, the weighing order that is currently in progress can be paused and completed later. For large product quantities, when you almost have to take an entire trading pack, OptiWeigh can handle to weigh out a few grams from a full pack instead of to refill three-quarters of the carton.

Exploit more potential with OptiWeigh

For continuous transparency in the production process, the product master data is managed in real time in the OrgaTEX MES system. An integrated overview of order status, real consumption and inventory improves production planning.

Developed for everyday use

  1. Graphic display of tolerance range
  2. Precise repeatability
  3. Temperature stability
  4. Product verification
  5. Separate weighing of products
  6. Barcode batch selection
  1. Automatic batch selection
  2. Manual quick selection
  3. Variable weighing tolerances
  4. Automatic scale selection
  5. Product consumption
  6. Additional accessories


WT2010plus Cockpit with weighing software in compact housing for connecting two or more scales.

The system includes a precision bench scale and a 30 kg floor scale with a separate display on the stand.

Additional efficiency-boosting accessories, such as laser barcode scanners and ticket printers, are easy to add.


Optiweigh Plus

The turnkey premium version comes in a mobile stainless steel cabinet with all components integrated. The housing features removable shelves.


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