The SECOMmobile App

Smartphone based machine communication

SETEX controller have the ability to communicate with smartphone or tablet devices via the App SECOMmobile. A standard production WLAN IT infrastructure allows mobile devices to use the App as shop floor machine data display.

Informing on machine status like unexpected downtime and predicting when an operator will need to come along for the next process assistance, or with powerful remote machine access, the App works as easy-to-use toolbox for professionals and managers in textile production.

Key functions

  • Realtime shop floor machine data display
  • Powerful remote machine access, used for machine set-up and performance test from any position of the machine with “view on the controller”.

In this context it is crucial to ensure safety issues. The App is designed to provide secure mobile usage by two-stage safety precautions.

Having the software installed

When launching the App for the first time, the wizard requires production-WiFi access data. Your internal IT-department will provide information on this. Once connected, the App scans for SECOM controller and generates a list of machines.

By default, the App provides real-time status information of two machines. Additional functionality is unlocked after the personal licensing process with SETEX.

Android APP

Download the App for free at the Google Play Store. The App is designed for smartphone and tablet.

Compatible for devices running Android 4.1 and higher.


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