The SETEX course count system for the finishing lab

The SETEX FabricINSPECTOR system reports courses of knitted fabrics and picks of woven fabrics by measuring fabric density. For the automotive industry, protective wear or meditech industry, quality means providing constant course count, on target value, with every batch and meter. Adding value in textile finishing means reducing unnecessary delay and costs for manual inspection and counting. Built on the technical platform of the SETEX production system CamCOUNT, information may be shared to provide critical data on your finishing operation.


FabricINSPECTOR provides continuously measurements of course and wales or weft and warp density. A clever and strong image processing technique performs automatic thread analysis for woven and knitted fabrics.

To suit special requirements it can be expanded with additional software presets to realize new fabric constructions. The system performs immediate results with no operator skill:

  • The measurement is not affected by color, fabric thickness or moisture.
  • Quality control results are managed with root data as stored batch, reference, article attributes, image and tolerances.
  • Detailed visualization and comprehensive reporting tools add value to your process-tracing.

Information explored by FabricINSPECTOR can instantly be used for SETEX CamCOUNT systems on production machines:

  • Article-specific configuration of your shrinkage/overfeed control system
  • Shrinkage/overfeed towards specific fabric weight (g/m2)

Technical advantages

Visualized in the office and on the machine controller

  • Fast and simple fabric inspection at various sections of the production process
  • High accuracy in the detection of thread/mesh density based on digital image processing
  • Color neutral evaluation
  • Flexible operational area