The mobile App with features for up-to-date and upcoming SETEX controller.

As phones and tablet devices start actively participating as expanded computing environment, SETEX has developed the App to provide real-time machine data. With the SECOMmobile App, professionals and managers in textile production enjoy an easy-to-use toolbox for Smartphones and Tablets.

Key functions

  • Managers can benefit from batch status information and time to batch end.
  • Operators will make use of machine status information and time to next operator call.
  • Service and maintenance responsible take advantage of alarm and event notification and remote monitoring.

The App scans and detects exclusively machines with Setex control systems. With the default installation, the software is enabled to connect with two machines. Access to the HMI functionality is limited to “read only” in this stage. Licensing at SETEX enables for further access levels.


With Apple devices the software requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Devices with Google operating system require Android-Version 4.1 and newer.

Get your version here

Android OS from Google Play Store
Apple iOS from iTunes Store