OrgaTEX Basic

IT platform for networking machines, components and software

Your production machines are modern, automated and meet ecological requirements. Your next goals are more efficient production processes, traceability and aiding decision makers with real-time insights.

With OrgaTEX Basic you get an intelligently networked solution for the centralized administration and analysis of your production machines, a shopfloor gateway to control production functions, batch analysis to enhance production processes and support right down to the entire machine through a quick and secure IT-link.

Recognize problems immediately

You are committed to meet delivery dates. All production steps have to be synchronized critical in terms of time. Machines should be used efficiently and your personnel should be used correctly.

The OrgaTEX machine & process data acquisition (MDA & PDA) helps to bring transparency into the manufacturing process with an intelligent integration of SETEX controllers. Without additional shop floor data collectors (BDE) and without additional manual entries! Allocated uptimes, downtimes and faults during production give a complete overview of the shop floor activity and allow deep analysis of production processes.

Integration is not a one-way street

Production processes are translated into machine-specific production programs. OrgaTEX provides an exceptional easy way to draft and manage production programs via templates, easily structured by drag and drop, all without ever leaving your office desk.

This results in three immediate advantages: All programs are stored centrally, the efficient creation of standard operation procedures (SOPs) optimizes the production quality and the distribution to the machine controllers is automated.

Eliminate weak spots

The machine data acquisition collects and evaluates alarms, machine states and process values – exactly all the operating data that you need for relevant information such as production figures, OEE, quality rate or availability for each individual machine.

IoT management

With OrgaTEX Basic, you can rely on a sustainable IT solution for your machines, which can be expanded at any time to optimize production. The broad compatibility with the OrgaTEX MES system enables us to create and implement values for you efficiently, quickly and sustainably.

Digitalization dashboard

  1. Online supervision
  2. Production program wizard
  3. Remote manual overriding production
  4. Production analysis
  1. In-process control procedures
  2. Remote support
  3. Remote updates

Machine & Process Data MDE/PDE

You got modern production machines. Now what? If production information must be documented and linked per machine, extensive manual work and errors are inevitable.

Although machine and process data are temporarily recorded in the control system, but as long as the data relates only to individual machines, the perspective on the entire process is obstruct and the potential for optimization is invisible.

This becomes especially clear when it comes to traceability and order complaints.

Visualize data for optimization measures:

  1. Work load
  2. Alarm management
  3. Downtimes & Maintenance
  4. Detailed process analysis
  5. Detailed process analysis with user-definable parameters

Standardize production process

Easy and secure control of complex machines and production processes - OrgaTEX offers tools to manage the necessary procedures. Easily to create or adapt and synchronization with the machines are the fundamental nuts and bolts of the program editor.

Bring more standardization, efficiency and safety into your production with OrgaTEX.

Reduce downtime

Efficient remote support or remote-updating to the latest software version reduces downtime and maintains machine performance.

Relevant OrgaTEX remote-support features

  1. Reduce downtimes by eliminating and avoiding problems remotely.
  2. Latest software can be updated in the future without time delay, configurations can be carried out over distant meetings.
  3. Individual customer service is no longer time-consuming and expensive.


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