WTM Sensor Family

for fabric temperature measurement

The fabric temperature sensors WTM V11, V21 and V41 are designed for the measurement of fabric temperature in dryers and stenters.

The WTM V11 and V21 contactless measuring units detect the fabric temperature precisely and with a high repetitive accuracy. The sensors are resistant for a wide range of environmental temperature and installed inside the dryer. The resistance against ¬contamination is given by an integrated dust guard.

The WTM V41 sensor with its rugged housing is ¬located outside the dryer cabinet. Owing to measurement characteristics it can be positioned at a larger distance to the fabric. 

Sensor type Measurement Renge Application Area
WTM V11 0…250 °C/32…482 °F drying cotton
WTM V21 0…250 °C/32…482 °F universal
WTM V41 0…250 °C/32…482 °F universal