Fabric Monitoring CamCOUNT V3

Identify, monitor and control accurately the fabric density of woven and knitted fabric

CamCOUNT V3 is the SETEX system for contact-free process control of stretch, shrinkage and overfeed in textile finishing.

Used with pre-shrinking finish machines, compactors and stenter frames, the system provides reliable data to target on thread and stitch count. Flexible mount and precise detection, even on small measurement areas, allowing for individual positioning.

Different configuration levels make it possible to match individual requirements. The system can be deployed in three expansion levels: 

  • As single unit with visualization control in connection to a SECOM controller.
  • As dual unit with data logging and controlling process parameters through the connection to a SECOM controller to enable an easy and interactive operation.
  • As single and dual unit, entire integrated with the SETEX OrgaTEX.MES system to share quality root data and parameter settings.


The system is composed of the latest CMOS camera technology, a camera server with knowledge database and intelligent evaluation software plus SECOM controller. The assessment decides automatically for every kind of fabric the best algorithm and eliminates unwanted signals that differ from the frequency of the picks.


 Plain woven translucent technical textile with 6/cm weft and warp 

 Single jersey knit fabric with 11/cm course and 12/cm wales 


  • Visual control of the fabric can be shown as digital picture.
  • Precise measurements possible on machine halt or full speed.
  • Reliable fabric density measurement from 5 to 250 threads/mesh per cm with one lens.

Overfeed control with 2 cameras - one camera at the inlet and one at the outlet of a stenter