Reporting and Analysis

Textile Finishing is a competitive and unsteady industry. There is no doubt that there are no two identical companies. Key performance indicators (KPIs) help to position the company, develop key figures for benchmarking and increase margin.

OrgaTEX provides unique insight into the production processes for informed reports on several targets. With OrgaTEX reports, you can empower everyone within your organization to analyze data on-the-fly that previously would have taken a specialist team several hours to answer.

By having connected machines and equipment, and sharing data for batch and process, any specific report can be configured.

Production efficiency

Product related reporting may be computed in different methods.

Resource analysis

Resource or process related reporting provides information about the machines which have been used to produce a product.

Weak point analysis

A fault related analysis in combination with the online status module is providing the basic data for a weak spot analysis.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Availability against planned times, performance against target values and process quality against additions are the key factors to obtain the real Equipment Effectiveness.
To improve the operational performance needs information on lead times, maintenance, additions and color corrections, uptimes, planned and unplanned downtimes, etc. In short: OEE adapted to the manufacturing assets.
By monitoring the performance of every single machines in the production floor, adding shared recipe and process information (e.g. alarms) and collecting information of unplanned downtimes, the OrgaTEX reporting tool provides robust information on these grounds.

Linking and combining the analyses

Sometimes captured real-time data is not enough. Customer specific requirements may need manually captured information or time triggert information.
The OrgaTEX reporting tool offers many possibilities in customization.

  • Individually configurable report documents
  • Manual, cyclic or event orientated reporting
  • If requested: access to all product and process data for a third party reporting tool
  • Export to MS-Office