Process & Recipe Management

The process, recipe and batch handling are the used frequently each and every day.
The philosophy of the OrgaTEX recipe management module is to bring the best-in-class recipe tools, but still providing the flexibility of using simple flat recipe methods.
As such, converted information and experience is usable as formulas. The creation of formulas is assisted by wizards and there are predefined formulas shipped with the system.

Ease of use

The powerful all-new user interface has the following objectives: firstly, to develop an intuitive and practical interface, which represents considerable savings in time for the user. Secondly, to provide the performers of production processes with an optimized workflow by means of visual clarity. Search and list grid of recipes is configurable to customer’s needs.

  • Modern editor
  • Drag and drop
  • Tabbed forms, instant switch
  • Perfect overview

Recipe Composer

Setex is aware of the complexity across textile dyeing and finishing. That´s why the new OrgaTEX recipe module provides different methods in the recipe composer. Companies preferring straight recipes use single process-templates to start. Others might prefer individual treatments for single process steps (e.g. scouring, bleaching, rinsing) to compose an individual process from standard segments. Either way: The system assists to manage products, product calls and production processes to be adjusted on the capabilities of the machines.

  • Inline visualization of lower hierarchical data levels
  • New product attributes e.g. restricted substance list
  • Quick search

Formula Wizard

Outstanding product quality at economical price is usually a result of detailed expert knowledge. The OrgaTEX Formula Wizard module is the tool for better distribution of such information. A dyeing expert can store all kind of information and experience centrally, converted in formulas and look-up-tables by simply “click-click”. The resulting formulas are used system-wide – in every recipe and process – by drop-down menu selection. There are predefined formulas already shipped with the system.

  • Manage efficiently regularly updated dyeing-processes
  • Save energy with process optimization
  • Improve quality
  • Save know how