Process Analyzer

During a dyeing or finishing process is running under control of a SECOM driven machine, relevant data are collected during the whole process. These data, which can be temperatures, fabric speed or flow rate, valve signals, dosing events etc. are collected in the PLC used. To evaluate processes this data can be transferred into OgaTEX automatically and interpreted with our Process Analyzer.

Process Analyzer module is a very effective way to:

  • Store process details for certification requirements (e.g. DIN EN ISO 9000)
  • Detect process inconsistencies for machine and process troubleshooting
  • Improvement of dyeing or finishing process (e.g. time optimization)




Process Analyzer is a graphical interface to show process data in a very flexible way. The type of data which should be shown, can be selected individually. Functionalities of the driven dyeing or finishing program are shown in direct context to the target and reached data. Alarms and events during the process are indicated directly.

Views can be stored depending on the user, so an individual reporting is possible. Direct printing and exporting in all common formats is possible as well.