Formula Management

The universal engine for smart data management

SETEX knows about the challenge in today’s data management for textile dyeing and finishing. OrgaTEX “Formula Management” adds more flexibility with intelligent treatment parameters, look-up tables and rules which interconnect all available data – online and offline – for individual specific requirements. 

Predefined groups, already containing the necessary parameters, will be helpful during the creation of formulas. The functionality can be completely configured according to your requirements. Working with formulas noticeably reduces the number of procedures and treatments in the system and at the same time increases the variability in using the particular treatments. Just work as a finishing specialist is used to. 

Flexible use

  • The batch length automatically sets the machine winch speed and pump pressure
  • The color recipe automatically selects the best production treatment
  • Number of rinse cycles is chosen by the salt concentration
  • Reports based on complex structured data
  • Energy usage designates the machine to be used
  • Manual inputs on the machine controller will be assigned to the batch (e.g. pH)

 Predefined rule areas

  • Program Editor
  • Recipe
  • Reporting
  • Plant Navigator
  • SECOM data request

Return on investment

Up to 15% production cost savings have been reported through shortening batch runtimes, chemicals and energy savings and production process maintenance and optimization.