Energy Management

SETEX solutions for an energy-flexible production in textile finishing

An efficient energy management in the textile finishing field goes far beyond the simple logging of energy consumption. SETEX “Energy Management” solution permits the short term adaption of the production related energy demand depending on the availability of electricity, gas, pressurized air and steam. 

SETEX “Energy Management” solutions contain online machine data as part of the energy values and therefore support parts of the ISO 50001 requirements. Additionally, production processes will be actively adapted in several levels:

  1. In real-time on the controller/PLC of the machine
  2. As central energy control terminal of a department
  3. Function comprehensive OrgaTEX “Energy Management” modules

Comprehensive approach

Our individual solutions will be projected according to the desired energy related need of action. The methods used to control and optimize the energy usage integrate actively the boiler house, the dye house, the finishing department and the wastewater treatment, if necessary. SECOM controllers monitor and control consumptions, temperatures, levels, pressure and other necessary parameter on the machine and additional equipment like heat recovery and hot water management.

Avoiding energy peaks

Via trend analysis of the real-time energy usage the necessary action will be constantly determined: If the “Smart Data Analysis” predicts an energy peak, it starts a matching, alternative process for the short term adaption of the energy usage within the defined range of machines in order to avoid peaks and to achieve an efficient production. Alarm messages will be shown, energy intensive progra m steps will be modified, the start of additional machines will be prevented etc. 

Smart data management 

Our OrgaTEX “Energy Management” analysis algorithms, which support the decision process to prevent peak loads, will be adapted to meet customer specific conditions. The deeply integrated connection down to the machine PLC level permits interventions that could not be realized manually.