Production data acquisition of downtimes

When large numbers of different items are being used for different production steps simultaneously, people must manage dozens of requests just in time.

With the SECOM CE based controller generation, SETEX provides an “all-in-one” solution for the handling of production uptimes and downtimes (PDA):

  • The machine controller is used for both: to manage the machine control AND as a terminal for production data acquisition.
  • In combination with the OrgaTEX PDA module, a flexible and fully integrated system is available that automatically assigns the downtimes to the related events and batches.

With the support of objective data acquisition, based on up-to-the-minute information and substantial reports, a production increase of 15–30 % can be achieved.

Controller operation

Easy selection of up to 64 stop reasons per machine group at your fingertips or with hotkeys.

Software options

The PDA module functionality is deeply integrated into OrgaTEX´s “Batch Scheduler” and “Reporting”. The batch scheduler history visualizes on-click downtimes and reasons. 
Scheduled downtimes (e.g. maintenance) are integrated into the fine planning visualization and allow precise online production planning.