Continuous Production

Transparency in the washing, drying and fixation department

Process development

The creation and administration of preparation data sets for a large number of article specific machine settings for different kind of machines can easily be realized with the OrgaTEX “Program Editor”. Depending on the machine type, different input screens are available.

Using the OrgaTEX module “Formula Management”, the number of data sets can considerably be reduced with the help of variable parameters (e.g. fabric width) using interconnected look-up tables and rules.


  • Graphical and tabular editor
  • Variable process parameter with formula integration
  • Freely creatable organization structure (tree control) 

Production scheduling 

The assignment of correct machine settings or preparation data sets for all batches of the continuous machines can easily be realized by using the “Batch Scheduler”. The graphical online planning board shows transparently the actual situation of all production batches.


  • Electronic planning board
  • Batch scheduling
  • Automatic set time calculation
  • Batch can be moved per drag and drop
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Preparation call to central dispensing system
  • Selection and display of production downtime (optional) 

Production monitoring

For an effective and centralized monitoring of the machine outfit, OrgaTEX provides the module “Online Status” which gives a graphical visualization of machines, process values and batch data. The module supports the creation of user dependent display screens/windows.


  • Display of actual process and machine data (in tables and graphically)
  • Correction of process parameters
  • Manual intervention in case of unforeseen events
  • Alarm information
  • Online analysis of process data
  • Alarm processing 

The OrgaTEX “Process Analyzer” visualizes, batch based, all important process data. Printing and storing this data can be used for in-house documentation and optimizing tasks as well as for standards according to the quality norm EN ISO 9000 ff. for 3rd parties.