Process development, production scheduling and monitoring

Process development 

The OrgaTEX “Program Editor” program helps you manage all of your process information during the pre-production phases.

The creation and administration of complex dye processes is considerably easier and much more efficiently done on a PC. Repeatedly used process  sections (prewash, bleaching, soaping, after treatments) are created as flexible treatments instead of a fixed process in order to be used multiple in many different dyeing procedures. This workflow leads automatically to few Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) which make everyday optimization easier and increase reproducibility and savings.


  • Graphical and tabular forms
  • Temperature/time curve
  • Variable procedure parameters with formula integration

Production scheduling

An interactive and graphical planning system for scheduling with medium and short term outlook and real-time production progress control and visibility.

The online “Batch Scheduler” is an optimal tool to reduce the daily routine work in a dye house office to a minimum. 


  • Electronic planning board
  • Batch scheduling
  • Use of templates
  • Batch can be moved per drag and drop
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Preparation and addition treatment processing
  • Selection and display of production downtime 

Production monitoring

OrgaTEX “Online Status” permits total visibility of machine, process and deviation information. Collecting data and the possibility of real-time interventions during batch runtime at the single machine level unlocks a wealth of detailed data and opportunities that can drive organizational efficiency. All centrally from a workstation in the office – with OrgaTEX you have your manufacturing under control.


  • Display of actual process and machine data (in tables and graphically)
  • Correction of process parameters
  • Interventions during unforeseen incidents
  • Online analysis of the process data
  • Alarm processing