Lab2Bulk Interface

Integrating Datacolor laboratory match prediction software with the OrgaTEX Lab2Bulk module has, a markedly favorable effect of better processes for maintaining accuracy, transparency and standards from lab to production.

The data-journey how it should be:

  • Simplify workflow from lab-dip to production.
  • Boost collaboration between departments.
  • Keep data in synch.
  • Increase productivity with batch handling.

A laboratory recipe contains more than just colorants and quantities.
Alike production recipes, it is based on a specific article and a corresponding dyeing process. Our background-service-software takes care on synchronizing just the right data and attributes we need in the OrgaTEX software.

We do it different: 

  • We only import “good for production” recipes and merge them automatically to the best production process in OrgaTEX.
  • We synchronize important root-data to keep all systems consistently reliable.
  • We integrate the production correction tools of DatacolorMATCH textile.
  • We use color information for the OrgaTEX planboard.

Shortening the sampling downtimes.

The OrgaTEX production correction extender allows seamless production sampling and addition calculation using the laboratory software and spectrophotometer.

  • Pulls production batch with step “sampling” into Datacolor Match.
  • Priority against standard laboratory work.
  • System provided production addition calculations.
  • Manual correction possibilities.
  • More efficient use of spectrophotometer for color laboratory AND production