Interface Dye Kitchen Systems

Optimized production with OrgaTEX modules and integration

The phrase “savings on chemicals” is most appropriately used with centralized dye kitchen systems due to improved hardware and controlled weighing and dissolving. A reduction of production time however can only be achieved if these systems are integrated into production management systems like OrgaTEX. Otherwise, the desired advantage may become ineffective by increased efforts and time for recipe management and manual procedures.

OrgaTEX makes sure that your automated dye kitchen and dispensing systems run exactly synchronized with the program steps of the machine controller, without waiting times and manual interventions. The logic for the side and addition tanks contains also the functionality for batch overlapping preparations and “look-ahead” delivery of the preparation calls for an optimal utilization of the dye kitchen systems and no waste of time on machines that are waiting.

Integration considerably simplifies the operation of dye kitchen systems if recipe and preparation data is managed and calculated centrally in OrgaTEX.

Linking dye kitchen systems to OrgaTEX is provided for both departments: textile dyeing and continuous finishing machines in pretreatment, washing, drying and fixation departments.

With dye kitchen integration in place, preparation calls can be realized in different ways: 

  • Via SECOM CE controller on the production ¬machine (discontinuous, continuous)
  • Request terminal close to the production machine
  • Manual activation via the OrgaTEX 


  • Providing dye kitchen system preparation data (product, quantity, target tank and request time)
  • Dye kitchen consumption data feedback into OrgaTEX stock control
  • Synchronize of error messages between dye kitchen system and production machines
  • Production additions priority handling by OrgaTEX and dye kitchen system