PLC and fieldbus modules

Application-specific PLC sets

Textile machines for dyeing and finishing yarn and fabric require control units that can be flexibly integrated into this specialized production environment. More concretely, an individualized, customer-specific SETEX controller offers a high degree of flexibility in automation, precisely coordinated functions and strong performance of the controller components.

An individually developed solution is the better choice

When coupled with a SETEX HMI, our Compact PLCs contain specialized technology to efficiently reduce machine downtimes: I/O values are displayed directly on the controller, so there is no need for special tools or programming. And input values can be specified for troubleshooting purposes.

This also works via Internet-based remote diagnostics and the SETEX service portal. As a safeguard, a backup of the PLC software can be stored on the HMI and, if necessary, directly uploaded remotely. With our technology, unplanned downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Versatile connection options

The available modules offer a tailor-made solution for every application. In combination with SETEX fieldbus modules, the Compact System can also be expanded.

To integrate specialized modules within the machine, the Compact System can be used at any time via the SETEX DIOS or the standardized CANopen fieldbus. Via an Ethernet interface, the user – or SETEX support team member through a remote connection – can access the PLC in the machine if necessary.

Turnkey controller concepts

In combination with the graphical programming language CoDeSys, the comprehensive SETEX SmartConfig variant management system allows for quick and clear implementation of the automation specifications.

Externael I/Os for flexible connection 

The SETEX FMD fieldbus modules can be used as I/O extensions of the PLC or directly as an I/O unit for the SECOM control. They are equipped with SETEX’s own DIOS fieldbus interface.

Areas of application

The Compact PLC can be used for centralized and decentralized applications in the upper performance range and offers the user a flexible and future-proof automation solution. The main area of application is the control of textile finishing production units in conjunction with a higher-level SECOM controller system.

Designed for textile finishing

  1. Interface cards, e.g. RK512, barcode, scales
  2. Bus Arcnet or Industrial Ethernet
  1. Encoder cards
  2. Multi I/O cards
  3. Counter cards

Compact Rack

Depending on the functional scope of your machines, specially designed compact racks are available.

Space-saving dimensions and flexible networking in the control cabinet are key features of the CR 8 and CR 16 compact housings. With 8 or 16 slots, there is ample space for simple and complex sequential controls.

Exploit the potential of your machines with ease

In addition to modularity, function-optimized cards and retrofittability are the most important criteria of the Compact PLC.

We invite you to test the uncomplicated configuration of a complex machine with numerous special and manual functions with the option of retrospectively integrating further production components, such as production dispensers, into the automation chain.

The production management benefits from the ingenious integration of the PLC with the SETEX HMI and the OrgaTEX MES: Functional values are displayed instantly on the controller and in OrgaTEX without the need for special tools or programming. With the SETEX standard you can even take the opposite approach: Force PLC input values via OrgaTEX.

The perfect combination of individuality and productivity

Two machines allow for more flexible production than one large machine. And when large production orders come in, the machines can be coupled together and perform the dyeing process from a common bath. CP14 and CP16 Compact PLC CPUs already contain the necessary system functions.

FMD Fieldbus Modules

The SETEX FMD fieldbus module family offers a wide range of compact input/output modules with digital and analog inputs and outputs for decentralized automation solutions.

  • All modules are available with DIOS fieldbus
  • All inputs and outputs are opto-decoupled
  • LED display for all digital inputs and outputs


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