SECOM 606 – 646TCE – 848TCE

Innovative function and entire integration

A smart data management includes centralized production planning and control, data logging during individual process steps and immediate actions for resource productivity and energy management specifications. The SECOM controller allow efficient¬ usage and operation by clear and actionable -process visualization. 

Complex machines can easily and directly be operated by using the integrated touch screen. -Interaction via process visualization and possibility of manual intervention benefit from the SECOM 848TCE 15" TFT screen. 

SECOM controllers for continuous processes allow¬ the operation of specific sensors such as SETEX WTM fabric temperature and SETEX.EH80 ¬exhaust air humidity as part of a machine system or control entire finishing machines. The controllers also bridge the gap to integrate 3rd party machines to the central OrgaTEX.MES software.

Chemical dosing systems offer a big potential for savings. With SECOM 606, 646TCE and 848TCE, SETEX provides a range of solutions either to connect separate request terminals and/or to control the entire machine. In connection with OrgaTEX.MES each solution provides all required functionalities for a fully automatic bath preparation. This method allows low liquor content, precise volume request and reproducibility according to the foulard´s dosage and article pickup.