Controller Finishing


For continuous processes

A particular attention is paid to finishing machines because most time and cost intensive treatments in textile production are already completed upon arriving at the finishing process. Quality issues at the end of the value chain are the most expensive element.

SECOM controller for continuous processes provide online production planning, resource management and data transparency with the machine control.
Developed and designed for best use with stenter frames, dryers, compactors, weft straighteners and dye machines, SECOM controllers allow a sustainable production with optimized use of the five resources material, water, energy, time and workforce.


Controller for continuous processes

(stenter frames, dryers, compactors, ...)


SECOM 606 646TCE 848TCE
TFT display 7" 10,4" 15"
Keyboard - - -
Touch control
Integrated Formula/time management
Automatic dosing requests
User management
Production data acquisition (PDA)
Internet service portal
Data transfer and backup USB stick USB stick USB stick