N-TV is broadcasting an info spot of a SETEX corporate video

Setex´s products and services can be found on every continent, wherever there are ambitious companies for textile dyeing and finishing.

Setex is assisting companies throughout the process of a networked production in terms of Industry 4.0. In the use of modern techniques and technology is considerable potential to increase performance and economic efficiency.

International customers appreciate very much to see, how the family owned and operated company runs the in-house design and production “made-in-Germany” at the headquarters near Frankfurt.

The German n-tv channel is broadcasting an info spot of such an SETEX corporate video in the block “Business Kompakt” during the television program “n-tv Wissen” on Saturday, 25th of November at 7:35 pm.

For all those who are interested and have no opportunity to watch n-tv, we will make the spot available on YouTube after the TV-transmission.