The overall solution:

If you are looking for a universally applicable solution for textile production, OrgaTEX-inteos is the ideal choice. This optimally coordinated range of services for the textile industry is the answer to increasing price pressure and ever-growing product customization – so that future requirements can be met today.

The usual problem

State-of-the-art production facilities often fall short of expectations.
Valuable opportunities and potential are lost due to system gaps arising from a lack of human-machine communication and insufficient data acquisition and assessment.
This is where we step in to ensure that valid data is collected during production processes.

OrgaTEX-inteos is a comprehensive MES, integrating all machines, measuring systems and relevant IT systems from weaving and textile finishing to product delivery. This complete solution not only optimizes your daily production work, but also provides managers and technicians with important data on each production item. Those who master data exchange are automatically rewarded with solutions for optimizing production and manufacturing. Key components include:

  • More efficient production management for all areas of production
  • Creation of work plans
  • Optimized quality management
  • Energy and resource savings
  • Increased production capacity and quality

Drawing on our 25 years of experience, we know that SETEX’s high-quality HMIs together with the OrgaTEX MES will result in lasting improvements to your production and provide you with an optimal data basis for your business.

Production planning and routing

The modern textile production is complex and full of unexpected events such as disruptions, delays and ad hoc changes. The OrgaTEX-inteos work plan with frequent optimization of machine utilization and capacity adjustment, can prevent operational dependencies from causing inconvenience delays and financial damage to all relevant production processes. Based on real capacity utilization and online machine data, the software enables real-time simulation of work-in-progress scenarios, making it easier for you to plan for any situation that may arise.

Growing and expanding with you

Your company is constantly developing and OrgaTEX-inteos can support you along the way! From medium-sized businesses to large international corporations, we equip you with multilingual and customized solutions to meet your needs. Get ready for Industry 4.0 with SETEX and OrgaTEX-inteos!


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