SETEX C390 Controller

Seamless Integration. Unmatched Visualization. Enhanced Functionality.

Discover the SETEX C390 controllers, combining advanced automation with enhanced OPC-UA networking for direct MES integration.

These controllers not only offer mobile access and intuitive operation but also specialized functions like batch loading lists and the capture of unplanned downtimes. Ideal for modern textile production, they enhance production monitoring and control, increase flexibility, and optimize operational efficiency.

Choose SETEX C390 for a future-proof solution that revolutionizes your production processes.

SETEX C390-12

Universal Solution for Efficiency in Continuous Processes

The SETEX C390-12 is the universal solution for connecting and controlling numerous textile machines in pre-treatment and post-treatment.

It serves as a central link to the OrgaTEX MES production planner, facilitating automated management of batch loading lists and improving the capture and analysis of unplanned downtimes.

It allows for precise adjustment and automation of production processes by providing optimal process parameters for each batch.

This controller simplifies complex processes and offers efficient and flexible monitoring of complex production processes through mobile access, ideal for optimized textile manufacturing.

  1. Universal Machine Connection: Integrates various textile machines for seamless production.
  2. MES Integration: Manages batch loading lists and enhances production planning.
  3. Advanced Downtime Analysis: Boosts operational efficiency by capturing and analyzing downtimes.
  4. Optimized Process Parameters: Automatically applies the best settings for each production batch via digital twin integration.
  5. Efficient Production Planning: Improves planning and execution through direct OrgaTEX MES Production Planner connection.

SETEX C390-21

Comprehensive Overview and Control

The C390-21 controller acts as the centerpiece for managing complex production flows and offers advanced visualization options, ideal for extensive continuous plants such as dryers and stretching and fixing machines.

As a central plant navigator with OPC-UA connection, it enables comprehensive interactive control and monitoring of all processes and machines.

The integration of IP-Cam systems and extensive data support increase transparency and monitoring efficiency.

  1. Advanced Visualization: Ideal for large-scale plants, enhancing process oversight.
  2. Interactive Plant Navigator: Centralizes all machine and process overviews through OPC-UA connectivity.
  3. Complete Solution: Combines C390-12 features with additional visualization for comprehensive production control.
  4. Flexible and Efficient Production Control: Enables precise monitoring and control via mobile devices.

SETEX C390-08

Efficiency in Monitoring

The SETEX C390-08 model provides a specialized solution for seamless monitoring and control of continuous processes. With its user-friendly interface and the ability to adjust to various user profiles, it enables precise and efficient production control.

  1. User-friendly Interface: Displays all relevant process data in an appealing graphical format.
  2. Customizable Control: Allows device and user-specific control adjustments.
  3. Optimized Process Control: Facilitates in-depth process management through intuitive swiping and scrolling.

Efficiency Enhancement with Cutting-edge Technology

Choosing SETEX C390 controllers benefits customers with unmatched flexibility and control over their production processes.

Advanced networking and easy MES integration allow for centralized monitoring and optimized production control, while mobile access and intuitive operation improve user experience.

With SETEX C390 controllers, your production is well-equipped to meet the challenges of the modern textile industry.

C390 Controllers: Compact Innovation Edge

  1. OPC-UA Integration
  2. Mobile Access Capabilities
  3. Advanced Visualization Options
  4. Automated Batch Loading Lists
  5. Comprehensive Process Control
  6. IP-Cam System Integration
  1. Flexible Machine Connection
  2. Interactive Plant Navigator
  3. Efficient Downtime Analysis
  4. User-friendly Interface
  5. Central Production Monitoring
  6. Optimized Production Planning


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