Work Life at SETEX in Mengerskirchen

As a leader in the digitalization of the textile production sector, we assist machine manufacturers and textile finishers in increasing the productivity and sustainability of their operations, which has a positive impact on textiles, clothing and the world's resources.

Employees from all around the world collaborate at SETEX to create cutting-edge solutions and give our clients the best support possible.

Workplace well-being

Only happy people, in our opinion at SETEX, can produce excellent products and technological solutions. As a result, we give special importance to a high-quality infrastructure and a comfortable workplace at our location.

For us, well-being at work includes more than just having a desk with the best IT infrastructure. It also includes things like large break areas, cutting-edge conference rooms for discussions, and high-end fully automated coffee makers for genuine coffee connoisseurs.

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Staying active and energized

At SETEX, we prioritize the well-being of our employees by providing opportunities to stay active and energized. Through our expert gymnastics classes, staff members can boost their physical and mental health once a week. We also encourage our employees to take breaks and enjoy the great outdoors, with walking routes directly from our Mengerskirchen location. And for some fun bonding time, we organize company-wide activities such as mountain-bike trips and team BBQs.

In short: At SETEX, we believe in creating a welcoming environment that goes beyond just a job - it's a place where employees can thrive both professionally and personally.

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