SETEX company values

SETEX history

SETEX Schermuly textile computer GmbH is a global leader in designing and manufacturing automation solutions for the textile dyeing and finishing market. For more than 20 years we have been producing industrial controller on windows technology with a graphical user-interface manufactured in the German headquarters in Mengerskirchen. In 1998 we released the first version of the OrgaTEX supervisor and manufacturing execution system, fully integrated with our SECOM controller and PLC-systems.

SETEX quality

We design hardware and software to work as one fascinating part. More than 40 leading textile machine manufacturers worldwide have used SETEX´s innovative solutions to provide efficient high-tech machines for ease of use. In particular, customers appreciate our knowledge regarding machines, process optimization, modern IT structures, interfaces and integration issues with 3rd party systems.

SETEX is a family owned and operated company. Being independent allows operating fast and flexible, and achieving new standards in functionality and usability.

SETEX operation area

We speak our customer´s language and we‘re near them. SETEX has offices in Europe, North- and South-America and Asia, as well as sales- and service-partners worldwide.

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